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Story Milton Hotel Resort

Once upon a time, at a tender age, a very young girl embarked on a courageous journey, traveling the world far and wide. Her very first impactful memories were etched indelibly in her heart—the grandeur and majesty of fabulous structures, palaces, and towering hotel complexes. Her unstoppable imagination fueled the dream that one day, she would live in this seemingly impossible universe of beauty, making it a reality in her life. The sight of those  colossal realizations, merging with adjacent buildings, left her awe-struck, her jaw agape, as she absorbed the captivating beauty that surrounded her. Here a twist to this tale. Her family had arranged accommodation in a neighboring modest hotel, not the grand palace that had captured her imagination. Nonetheless, this moment remained etched in her heart, profond, stimulating and indelible memories.

As the years passed, those inspiring memories evolved into an unwavering desire. The little girl, now grown up and filled with unwavering determination, immersed herself in the world of luxurious hotels and embraced that unique lifestyle. Her courage, doubled by her remarkable dedication, led to thousands of nights in hotels, traveling the world year after year. Her passion for exploration and discovery fueled her, leading to the discovery of profound personal reasons to pursue that journey and savor every second. Often, this journey took her to the point of complete detachment from her physical capacity, surpassing any challenges. She remained tireless, responding to the call of destiny.

During her stays at these opulent hotels, a calling emerged within her. She couldn't help but sense an opportunity to surpass hotel chains with unbounded imagination to enhance the value of all services and return to the primary goal of traveling: "living an unforgettable experience." As a guest, she developed her unique perspective on how to improve everything from the bottom up. She saw CEO's blindness, employee lethargy, unawareness, and a lack of motivation at the critical level of apathy. By sharing suggestions with hotels and their executive management, she believed she could inspire improvement and change. But despite her persistence, her enthusiasm often met with limited response.

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Additionally, a transformational incident occurred—a case of "false advertising" associated with loyalty rewards from a renowned hotel chain—sparked her desire to bring about changes. Finding herself penalized without explanation and having her hard-earned rewards revoked, she felt disheartened.In one instance, she was broken-hearted while staying at a famous hotel due to a troubling employee behavior situation. Her evidence was erased by insiders following a registered complaint, which destroyed her enjoyment of living her life's dream.This event marked the beginning of her transformative journey. Despite having a valid case to initiate legal action against the company, she chose a different path, deciding to transform this unfortunate event into a beautiful concept for a top hotel chain. Those incidents, which involved the hotel erasing evidence, revoking her rewards, and remaining silent and unresponsive, brought tears to her eyes as she confided in her father.

Her father, offering words of wisdom, asked in a questioning manner, '' Let’s use those blocks to start our own hotel business , agreed ? " With deep conviction, she replied, "Yes, that's right. Let's do it." Without hesitation, on the same day, they grabbed a piece of paper to breathe life into that dormant little girl's dream, and together, they kick-started the "Milton Hotel Resort ". With her father's unwavering support, her dream of developing a top hotel chain transformed into reality. True to their nature, their vision was to establish hotels that embodied ecological principles, providing secure and inspiring stays, utilizing biomimetic designs, offering luxury and extravagance, with unlimited design possibilities. Their goal was to enhance the quality of life through outstanding services for both guests and employees, while giving back to local communities. Every day, their team grew, united by a common passion: offering a uniquely breathtaking hotel experience.

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